Hello from United States!

Hello brothers-

I am long time aneros user from the United States. We have a small group of aneros users in our country that are devoted to understanding this amazing device the aneros. The aneros is not well know in the united states and the understanding of dry orgasm is very rare. I know from reading WIKI that Aneros (Enemagra) was invented in Japan, so I believe there is more knowledge to learn from you. I have reached dry orgasm through years of practice and it has changed my life. I visit here to introduce myself and learn.

I do not understand japan language, I use Google Translate. I am sorry.

こんにちは兄弟 -




  • Hello, I say ANZU. Thank you very much for coming all the way. There are plenty of information on forums and blogs here, but there are diversity in how to express Japanese, it will be difficult to read exactly with a translation tool that needs accurate sentences. Especially I think that it is highly probable that I can not translate because the sentence that I comment on a different thread uses slang used by young women. If there are sentences you do not understand, please ask a question.
    Of course, let's enjoy conversations about dry orgasm.

    Use Google Translate.


  • Thank you for your reply An_Pink!
    I can read your english message very well. :)

    Can you recommend popular japanese websites to learn dry orgasm?
    Dry orgasm training website to share with brothers in the United States?
    Thank you!

    あなたの英語のメッセージをよく読むことができます。 :)

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    There are several places where information on dry orgasm is provided in Japan, but again, I think that the information on the forum, blog (aneros.co.jp/blog/) and user voice (aneros.co.jp/blog/category/users-voice) of Aneros site is accurate.
    Also, in Japan, information exchange on Twitter is also thriving. Some followers offering excellent information, and others who are managing blog sites are included in followers of my account(twitter.com/an_pink) , so please come and visit us once.

    日本でドライオーガズムの情報を提供してるところはいくつかありますが、やはり、Aneros siteの、ここフォーラムやブログ (aneros.co.jp/blog/) やユーザーボイス
    (aneros.co.jp/blog/category/users-voice) の情報が正確だと思います。
    また、日本ではTwitterでの情報交換も盛んです。私のアカウント(twitter.com/an_pink) のフォロワーには、優良情報提供しているフォロワーや、ブログサイトの運営をしている人もいますので、一度遊びに来てください。
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